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Mighty Filmmakers is a community focusing on developing your film craft and managing a lifestyle of freelance filmmakers through peer-to-peer collaborations.

Mighty Filmmakers Meetup London

Mighty Filmmakers is a continuation of a Brighton Independent Fim Productions film community established in 2015 by filmmaker Asatuurs Keim.

Asatuurs Keim [founder]

At the time, it was a response to commercially driven networking events which usually did not lead anywhere. Attendees' primary focus was getting rid of their freshly printed business cards, but big-name producers enjoyed complimentary drinks and a meal.

Since 2015 MF film community has held meetings and organised film events for independent filmmakers in London (UK), Brighton (UK), Guernsey (GBG), and Riga (LV).

The main focus of IFP (Mighty Filmmakers) is building personal connections and sharing experiences and knowledge gained in academic environments and on film sets.

Mighty Filmmakers London Meetup

We are here to share and listen. Join us!


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