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Who we are?

Mighty Filmmakers is a group of filmmakers focusing on developing film craft and supporting freelance filmmakers' lifestyles through peer-to-peer collaborations and experience exchange.

Mighty Filmmakers Meetup London

Mighty Filmmakers is a continuation of a Brighton Independent Fim Productions film community established in 2015. Its organizer, freelance filmmaker Asatuurs Keim, and his creative team run film workshops and meetups subsidised by his commercial work with the indie studio From The Sky. Workshops were accessible free of charge to provide space for professional growth.

BIFP community was a response to commercially driven networking events where business card exchange and complimentary drinks were the primary focus.

Over time, the filmmaker community grew internationally and provided a platform for independent filmmakers to kickstart their projects, find collaborators, acquire new skills, and exhibit their work. It was rebranded to Mighty Filmmakers to support the community's core ideology: a sense of belonging, skill sharing, and support. Through turbulent times of COVID, the Mighty Filmmakers community focused on providing an online space for networking events, inspirational talks, live stream interviews, and workshops.

Mighty Filmmakers London Meetup

The film industry is experiencing stormy times, but we are here. We are moving forward, developing storytelling craft, and paying full attention to the possibilities of future filmmaking. However, how this community and independent film will look in the future depends on all of us.

We are here to Connect, Develop Skills, and Make Films.

Join us!



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