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Get Into Filmmaking - Film Course in Guernsey

Our hands-on course will cover all the basics of filmmaking to get you started producing your projects. Learn how to use cameras, lighting and sound equipment. And most importantly, you will walk away with solid foundations and a good understanding of the film production process. We will also produce, film, and edit a short film.

In our 4-day course, you will cover:

Camera operation: how to use digital film cameras and HDSLR Shooting: camera angles within the scene Narrative: visual storytelling and storyboarding Lighting: lighting equipment and techniques Sound recording: how to capture great audio Equipment: learn to use all the gear you will need to make your film Editing: how to edit your project

Students will have access to professional film equipment.

GIFP Short Film Course is led by a professional filmmaker working in media and producing content for T.V, Web and film. Each day will begin with a lecture in the morning, followed by hands-on filmmaking workshops with a 1-hour break for lunch.

Supported by

The Guernsey Arts Commission


Digital Greenhouse Guernsey

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