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No-Budget Filmmaking with Tom Wilson

In this episode, Tom Wilson is sharing his unique experience of shooting a successful community-based, no-budget feature film in Romania

His feature film "Matthew Mark Luke John" was screened at the Raindance Film Festival.

Talented filmmakers, a creative approach and a community spirit make this film unique.


Listen on all the biggest podcasting platforms. [Oct 2019, Archive Episode]


Matthew Mark Luke John - a film in the Romani language

Fantanele is a Roma (gipsy) village in southern Romania, where they speak the vanishing Romani language.

The villagers here are evangelical Baptists; God plays a huge part in their daily lives.

Rebeca, a girl of 15, dreams of going to high school. Her non-Roma teacher from outside the village, encourages Rebeca and her best friend Marta. The two girls vow to go to high school together. However, Rebeca’s family won’t let her. Determined to win approval, she visits the local church, where a young priest tells her to read the Bible. She does so and discovers radical passages that call for an uprising against social injustice. Rebeca finds herself on a collision course with her family, teacher, and church elders.



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