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Q&A With Guernsey Independent Film Productions

We recently caught up with Dennis and Asatuurs from Guernsey Independent Film Productions about their first event at the Digital Greenhouse.
See below their thoughts about the weekend, creativity and the potential for future and exciting events in Guernsey.

How did the weekend go?

D: Everyone was keen to follow what was taught over the 4 days and we had almost 100% attendance. There were people with different backgrounds and abilities but all in all it was delivered well and was clear for all to understand.

A: It showed us that people are willing to learn about film and people are wanting to make movies and develop their skills which is really positive for us as it shows there is a place for cinema and film in Guernsey.

What are your ambitions for the courses and attendees?

A: Yeah it’s all very simple really. It’s all about promoting filmmaking, documenting, telling stories, educating, and actually showing people that we are an out of studio system. Anyone can actually pick up their camera, make a film and make a difference - that’s what it’s all about.

Using our tools and knowledge, we can share what we know and pass on these to the next generation. We’re not just webcams and Youtube tutorials, but we actually create structure in films which can change some lives and also be entertaining.

Will there be more courses?

A: Hopefully yes, we’re waiting for replies from participants so we’ll see what they say. It all looked very good and hopefully we’ll be able to push it a bit further and bring in some new workshops like an evening workshop or give more specialised subjects like studio lighting, cinematography, writing. As well as pushing some more collaboration with projects which could be set up between our 3 branches of Guernsey, Brighton and Riga.

D: It was interesting as a number of people contacting us about the course were contacting on behalf of their son or daughter to see if they would be eligible. Unfortunately we needed to set an age limit of 16 so there’s definitely opportunity there to do something perhaps like a summer camp or juniour course.

Why did you choose the Digital Greenhouse space for your first event?

D: First and foremost we needed a venue but we called the Digital Greenhouse first to look at the possibility of hiring a space. After meeting with the Digital Greenhouse team it became apparent that the Digital Greenhouse’s goals were aligned to promote digital industries so it was a good collaboration really.

A: It’s more about that this is the place to be as it’s modern and it's fresh. This place here is where people are looking into the future and it’s about collaboration, digital future and we’re working in filmmaking so this space was suitable. It’s all set for you which is easy, accessible and I don’t think there is a better place in Guernsey for any event related to digital. No brainer.

How do you stay creative and motivated within the filming industry?

A: I don’t think you have to stay creative as everyday life pushes you towards some decisions you make as well as being an individual. Every single decision I make is probably different from what you would do so straight away that’s what I would call creativity. It’s your experiences combined with your daily life - with the decisions you make, the steps you make to achieve your goal.

The road is different for every single person and that’s why I want to encourage and say that if you’re afraid that you can’t make films, tell stories, paint, take pictures, that you can as your stuff is going to be unique and completely different from everyone else's. That’s what I’m trying to explore.

Tell us more about your competition which you’ll be running…

D: So I probably wouldn’t call it a competition really but it’s more like a community film project for a feature film which is shot and created by Independent Film Productions members. At the moment we’re producing a community project in Brighton which we’ll be using the blueprints of that for Guernsey’s community project.

A: The main idea is to produce a community driven feature film. From pre-production all the way up to post production and sales so that means by maybe next year, we’ll have a feature film produced in Guernsey by local filmmakers and artists. The whole process is to try and connect people together.

You currently run Film Meetups, how can people get involved with these?

D: Okay so we hold the meetings once a month where the dates are published on our Facebook page or Website, we use Rendezvous Cafe on The Bridge and really there’s no set agenda. People come along and we can update them on what’s going on in terms of events and others might need some help with their projects. It’s just a way of networking really and different ideas can come from that.

A: It’s just a place where you can come without any obligations where you have a coffee and have a chat. If you love films you can come and talk about films you’ve just watched recently. If you want to talk about filmmaking, opinions or help on your own project, you can do that and you can come in and find people to collaborate with. If you’re a local filmmaker and want to talk to like minded people then this is the place to go.

It’s free to sign up to Guernsey Film Productions and once signed up, you can access multiple interviews and tutorials with expert filmmakers from around the globe.

To sign up, simply visit where you’ll be able to become a member and keep updated with the latest events.

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