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Tango Dango Awards!

Our friend, guest speaker Sib Law and his team have launched an awards show for short form content. We are sure some of your work will fit one of 10 categories. Do not miss the chance and get involved.

Los Angeles & New York—The founders of announced that they will host a new awards show for short films and originals. By short, they mean very short; no longer than 5 minutes. While they applaud other festivals and awards shows, they believe there has been a qualitative shift toward featuring much longer content. “As that happens,” explained MaryLynn Suchan, Tango Dango co-founder, “the cost to create these projects naturally increases, and that increase all too often stops content creators from pursuing their craft. In reality, the constant creation of content will sharpen their skills and should not be dismissed due to a shorter running time.” That’s good news for film students and creators who might believe they are ace-filmmakers but don’t have an endless supply of funds backing their project.

There is another creator community they are looking to serve: the seasoned and siloed professional who wants to do something different or showcase their abilities. One of the judges for the awards, Scott Camera-Smith, was part of the Oscar winning team behind the special effects for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. He explained it this way, “The skills required to create convincing special effects are quite different from those required to raise the funds needed to underwrite a studio production. But, if a professional can be recognized for their unique skill and can be competitive with a work of less than five minutes, I think you’ll find many professionals trying something they haven’t been able to do before.”

Sib Law, also a Tango Dango co-founder, hopes to entice advertising agencies and brands to participate in the show. He explained, “Imagine a place where a great deal of new and existing talent is networking under one roof and you can see a great deal of their content in a very short period of time. Now, imagine that they are full of ideas and are hungry for opportunity. We believe this is an environment advertising agencies and brands will find exciting. By celebrating the best in very short content, we envision a community full opportunity and ideas, helping brands and advertisers find the people who will make their products and services come to life for customers.”

Submissions for the Tango Dango Awards are now open. The cost to submit a work is $48. That fee includes one of any of the 10 genre awards and as many craft awards for which the work is qualified. Categories being recognized include:


  • Drama

  • Comedy

  • Documentary/Public Service/Altruistic

  • Thriller/Horror

  • Musical

  • Romance

  • Animation

  • Experimental

  • Dance

  • One-Minute, Branded


  • Director

  • Writer

  • Female Actor

  • Male Actor

  • Dancer

  • Cinematography

  • Editing

  • Original Music

  • Sound Design

  • Special Effects

The first Tango Dango Awards will be given in February of 2019 in Southern Florida.

Check it out and submit your shorts:


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