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Following the successful summer film school organised by the Guernsey branch of Independent Film Productions, to support our organisation and Community Film Project we are excited to announce “Intro Filmmaking Series” workshops.

In collaboration with Tichborne studio in...

We recently caught up with Dennis and Asatuurs from Guernsey Independent Film Productions about their first event at the Digital Greenhouse. 

See below their thoughts about the weekend, creativity and the potential for future and exciting events in Guernsey.


Almost 4 hours of field-tested advice for film directors.

James Newton in conversation with Asatuurs Keim shared his journey of making a feature film "2 hours".

Recording of a Live Stream available on our page.

To access the archive of interviews register or log in to Mem...

How to submit your project to a production company? 

During the stream, Asatuurs Keim and Luke Foster discussed all necessary steps filmmakers could take to be prepared for project submission.

What documents should I prepare? Who should I contact? Should I send followup...

20% Discount code available exclusively to IFP members.

Have a film/TV idea?

In this session we will shape your dream idea into a pitch for film or TV and provide continued support connecting your project to the industry

In these sessions, Julia Berg will share her succes...

Our friend, guest speaker Sib Law and his team have launched an awards show for short form content. We are sure some of your work will fit one of 10 categories. Do not miss the chance and get involved.

Los Angeles & New York—The founders of announced that...

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